Farm Lake Creek

A primary issue of concern at the 2019 AGM was the debris in the Farm Lake Creek that impeded the flow of the creek resulting in elevated levels of lake water and flooding of basements in the spring of 2019 from an abnormally high water table.

Following the AGM, a few GORA members sent a request to Council to clean the debris from the Farm Lake Creek. A photo showing an accumulation of logs stretching from shore to shore was also provided. Council's response was that the Creek was looked at and they determined that removal of the debris was not necessary.

Given this response, GORA members went to the Creek on Friday, July 26 to clear out - by hand - the numerous big logs and garbage. Council was notified that GORA removed the debris and the Municipality agreed to dispose of it.

At the regular Council meeting held on August 6, 2019, several GORA members attended and voiced their concerns about the creek situation.  We made three requests of Council:

1)    To cease having its snow removal contractor push snow to the edge of the creek and to ensure that the Ministry of Transport does not do the same;

2)    To apply for a permit to dredge the creek in order to maximize water flow (if necessary); and

3)    To regularly monitor and clear debris in the creek to help ensure that water levels in Farm Lake are not so unnecessarily elevated that they result in flooding of basements in the spring.

During the discussion, we pointed out to Council that since the debris had been cleared from the creek, the level of the lake water decreased by approximately six inches.

The Mayor committed to having the creek inspected by a civil engineer to help determine if anything else should be done. In October, the engineer reported the following:

  • snow should never be pushed to the creek’s edge;

  • there are large branches (on standing trees) leaning into the creek that should be removed; and 

  • dredging the creek would not significantly lower the water level in the lake.

May 2020 Status

Over the course of the winter, snow was not being pushed towards the edge of the creek in the centre of town. This is a victory. The large branches leaning into the creek have also been removed. There have been no blockages to date, with the result that water is flowing properly. We are continuing to monitor the water level daily and it is more normal for this time of year.