Implementing the Fall 2020 By-law on Mandatory Boat Washing

The Municipality applied for, and received, a grant from the Government of Quebec to do the following:

  • Install a new hot water pressure washer at the boat wash station

  • Install a payment kiosk and security camera at the wash station

  • Develop communications material concerning the by-law and importance of boat washing

  • Produce new signs to inform the public of the new by-law and direct boat owners to the wash station


The objective is to have the new equipment installed by end of March, in advance of the 2021 boat launching season. GORA is continuing to work with Councillors by contributing to the development of brochures and communications material, as well as the content of new signage.


The by-law involves a culture shift and it will require the entire community to respect and implement. While communications material will be widespread, we encourage everyone to talk to their neighbours and help ensure that they are aware of the by-law and understand its significance. There is a $300 fine for non-compliance; we trust that there will be an understanding of the importance of boat-washing and we can continue to protect our lakes for enjoyment for many years to come.