2021 Annual General Meeting

As you know, we had to cancel the 2020 Annual General Meeting due to the pandemic. The Board is considering holding an AGM this summer. At this point, we cannot be sure that large indoor gatherings will be allowed in Quebec. However, a virtual AGM is a possibility. We will provide confirmation and more details in June. All ten Board positions are up for nomination in 2021.


2019 Annual General Meeting

GORA's 23rd AGM and BBQ was held Saturday July 13, 2019. Minutes for approval at the next AGM are being prepared. 

2018 Annual General Meeting

An update on the boat washing station was provided to the members.  In May 2018, the Municipality of Otter Lake installed a high pressure power washer at the Municipal Hall’s garage on 15 Palmer Street. We were very pleased with the support of Council for this undertaking and for all of the work involved in making it happen.


Going forward, we plan to determine the best approach to make boat washing mandatory.  We will work with Council through the Ad Hoc Committee on Boat Washing to discuss this very important matter.


We discussed the need for new signage for GORA.  As you may know, there have been signs at the entrances to the lakes for several years.  Some of these signs have deteriorated to the point of collapse.  We are currently in the process of getting quotes for new signs that we plan to have installed at each of the entrances to the village.  The objective is to promote GORA and encourage cottage owners to become members.


Members of Council attending the meeting were Ivan Leblanc (pro-Mayor), Carlen Lafleur, Desiree Tremblay, and Robin Zacharias. Mr. Leblanc provided an update on Municipal activities.  A new part-time building inspector was hired (Gabi Morin). The Municipality is working to have more enhanced internet service in Otter Lake. A new walkway is being created to encircle the grounds of the Recreation Hall on Farm Lake.  The walkway will have benches installed and plaques that highlight some of the history of Otter Lake.

2017 Annual General Meeting