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(terms ending at 2024 AGM)

  • Jennifer Quaile (President)

  • Susan Desabrais (Secretary)

  • Helene Boulet

  • Daniel Lamarche

(terms ending at 2025 AGM)

  • Paul Linneboe (Vice President)

  • Stewart Wilson (Treasurer)

  • Nick Cushman

  • Dorothy Langman


In an attempt to more evenly distribute and focus the workload amongst the GORA directors and volunteers, the following committees are in place:

  • Environment and Water Quality (Stewart Wilson)            

  • Municipal and Other Government Agencies Liaison (Jennifer Quaile)

  • Outdoors Editorial and Publications Committee (open)

  • Membership and Recruitment Committee (Stewart Wilson)

  • Recreation (Susan Desabrais)

If you have some time and expertise that you could contribute to the work of any of these committees, please let us know at

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