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Municipal Website : 

Members are reminded that the municipal website contains useful information, including dump hours and minutes of the Council meetings which are held the first Tuesday of every month.

  • Before having a fire, check out the by-law concerning “Precaution against fire” which can be found on the Municipality's website 

  • Certain types of construction materials are now accepted at the Dump. The supervisor will determine the fee to be paid based on estimated weight and amount of materials. More details can be found on the Municipality’s website.

  • Having trouble with beavers on your property? It is recommended that you call the office of the Game Warden located in Campbell’s Bay (819) 648-2108. They can assess the situation, make recommendations, and/or give permission to take action.

ABV des 7 -

Check out this web-site for great information on invasive species. ABV des 7 is a not-for-profit organization whose mandate is the improvement of the water quality of the seven main rivers / watersheds located on this territory, with an aim towards sustainable development.


This site contains a wealth of information and advice related to cottage ownership and enjoyment. Take a look.

Archived Material

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